Our committed and accomplished team are on hand to make purchasing a new commercial vehicle easier than ever. We have a range of different finance packages available to our customers and we offer repayments over a period of anywhere between 12 and 60 months. We have partnered with a vast amount of lenders meaning that if you have low or poor credit, our helpful team may well be able to find a finance package for you.

Great for Business!

Whether you’re a tradesman looking for a new van, or a big business owner after a brand-new fleet; we can offer you a fast decision on the day. Not forgetting that for those who are purchasing a vehicle for business, are able to claim tax relief on any interest charged. These vehicles are classed as an asset, which allows you to write it down against taxable profits.

A variety of different options!

You can have confidence knowing that the finance packages we offer to our customers are always centred around fixed payments, ensuring our customers never come across hidden charges. We also offer the chance to settle any outstanding finance early, as we appreciate the more flexible our products are the easier our customers can begin future planning and budgeting.

We do offer the facility to use a third-party finance company, however we do reserve the right to charge a £199 + Vat admin fee for the privilege. To find out more about the finance offers here at Ideal Commercials, give our friendly team a call today on 01730 829080, or drop us an email and we’ll fill you in.